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Krones Hot Fill Bottling Line for Juices, Ice Tea

Year of Manufacture 2012
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
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HOT FILL bottling line, specialized in the production of fruity drinks with pieces of fruit, milk-flavored juices or ice tea. Syncrobloc version with two streams, two fillers and two pasteurizers.
The 1st flow is intended for clear juice and the 2nd flow is intended for dosing pieces of fruits.

Manufacturer: KRONES A.G.
Manufacturing year: 2012
First start date: 2012

Format 0.25L: 16,000 bph
Format 0.33L: 16,000 bph
Format 0.50L: 16,000 bph
Format 1.00L: 13,000 bph
Format 1.25L: 13,000 bph
Format 1.75L: 10,000 bph
Format 2.00L: 10,000 bph
Neck type: PCO 38 mm

– Clear Juice
– Juice based on milk flavor
– Ice tea
– Juice with pieces of fruit, juice with pulp or cells, juice with refined pulp

Conservator: Without
Refined pulp: Size 4 mm, maximum quantity 8%
Fruit pieces: Max size up to (8 x 8 x 8) mm, max dosage 8% in the finished product
Full and empty cell: Size 4 to 12 mm
Milk flavor: Low content
Brix syrup: 35-55° Brix
Brix finished product: 11-16° Brix
Mix ratio: 1+2 ,1+3 , 1+4 ,1+5
Filling temperature: 85° C
Pasteurizer temperature: 90° C
Fruit content: 5-30%


Formats – Packages
0.25L: 3X4 Or 12 Bottles
0.33L: 3X4 Or 12 Bottles
0.50L: 3X4 12 Bottles
1.00L: 2X6 12 Bottles
1.25L: 2X6 12 Bottles
1.75L: 2X6 12 Bottles
2.00L: 2X6 12 Bottles


* Krones Contiflow mixer (2012) – 30m3/hr.
– Service hours: 15,756 hours

* Krones Vario Flash plate pasteurizer (2012)
– Service hours: 22,947 hours

* Krones Vario Flash tubular pasteurizer (2012)
– Service hours: 14,828 hours

* Krones Contiform H10 PET Stretch Blow Moulding machine (2012)
– includes: water chiller, oil heater and blow moulds as well as its CONTIFEED RS preform feeder.
– Service hours: 13,658 hours

* Krones Pre-dosing filler (2012)
– 30 valves for filling pieces of fruit. The base frame of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel.
– The container handling parts are open in design and therefore easy to clean.
– Service hours: 24,466 hours

* Krones MODULFILL NWJ Clear juice filler (2012)
– 50 valves for filling clear juice electronic weighing withdrawal, the filling quantity is determined from the weighing cells. (1 load cell / each tap).
– The base frame of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel.
– The container handling parts are open in design and therefore easy to clean.
– Service hours: 24,466 hours

* CHECKMAT 731 FM-IR+L fill level and cap inspection unit (2012)
* Krones LINACOOL C15 Bottle Cooler (2012)
* SLEEVEMATIC M 1 Sleever (2012)
* Krones SHRINKMAT 4000 Steam tunnel (2012)
* Krones LINADRY S2M bottle dryer (2012)
* Krones VARIOPAC PRO shrink packer (2012)
* Krones SYNCO S Bottle transport (2012)
* Krones MULTICO S pack transport (2012)
* B&D Solutions HDE 45/1 handle applicator (2012)
* Krones MODULPAL 2AC palletizer (2012)
– contains a ROBOBOX system allowing rapid arrangement of matrices with extreme precision

* Krones PALCO S Pallet transport (2012)
* ATLANTA pallet wrapper (2012)

* Slurry and fruit pieces preparation room
– room dedicated to the preparation of pieces of fruit which are added to juices.
– This station contains a membrane pump, a UV station, stainless steel storage tank (all manufactured by COMINOX).
– All pipes are stainless steel.

* Atelier François high pressure compressor system (2012)
– Service hours : 31,552 hours

Line is in excellent condition and immediately available.

If you’d like to know more about the Krones Hot Fill Bottling Line for Juices, Ice Tea just fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.


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