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There are various methods of creating plastic bottles used within the PET bottle manufacturing industry today. Regardless of the type of system employed by a plastic bottle manufacturer, all processes require an injection of pressurized air in the shaping of the bottle. Due to working under extreme conditions of heat, pressure and sustained periods of repetition, the compressor must accurately control the flow of air through the system on demand.

Traditionally the PET bottle manufacturing industry has been powered by reciprocating compressors which work through the use of pistons creating pressure within the system. These compressors were often required to produce air pressures in excess of 650 psi to produce the more intricate designed product.

To conserve energy requirements and provide a more cost-effective process, companies now have a preference for lower pressure systems. Modern centrifugal compressors can’t achieve such high pressures, but can produce more airflow and more importantly, they’re more energy efficient.

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