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A wide variety of labelling and sleeving solutions exist on the market.

The main high speed labelling solutions are offered by Krones, Sidel, P.E., PDC, among other manufacturers. There are range of label application techniques, including:

  • Linerless roll-fed self-adhesive labelling
  • Rotary hot melt labelling of wrap-around pre-cut paper or plastic labels
  • Modular rotary self-adhesive and cold glue labelling
  • Linear roll-fed labelling, suitable to apply wrap-around labels from reel with hot melt
  • Linear cold glue labelling with fixed or mobile magazine, suitable for the application of partial or wrap-around label.There are also a number of sleeve solutions. These use hot air or a steam shrink tunnel and a range of applications possibilities are available, including:
  • Full body
  • Partial body
  • Tamper evident seal on cap (seal of guarantee)
  • Underlap
  • Vertical and/or horizontal pre-cut
  • Pairing for promotions (Bi-Pack).

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