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These machine can take the plastic granule and create a PET bottle in one machine. Known as single stage machines or 1.5 stage machines due to their complete manufacturing ability, they are often used for the production of high quality containers.

The manufacturing process is divided in to these phases:


Molten polymer flows into the injection cavity via the hot runner block, to produce the desired shape of the preform. The core pin produces the inner diameter and the injection cavity the outer. After a set time the injection moulds and core pins part and the preform held in a neck carrier is rotated 90º.

Stretching and Blowing
Once at the correct temperature the preform is ready for stretching and blowing to the finished shape. Once the preform is within the blow mould area the moulds close, a stretch rod is introduced to stretch the preform longitudinally and using two levels of air pressure, the preform is blown.

Ejection or Discharge
After a set cooling time the moulds open and the finished container is removed via drop chutes or robotics. In practice all the stages are carried out concurrently using a revolving carousel of moulds.

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