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Sidel SBO 18 series 2 Stretch Blow Moulding machine and KHS Innofill monobloc

Year of Manufacture 1999
Condition Very Good
Availability October 2024
Sold Status For Sale

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Sidel SBO 18 series 2 and KHS Innofill monobloc VK-E 40/50/10/S & Sidel accumulation table, for carbonated mineral water with natural flavours

In exceptional condition
Output capacity: 23,400 bph

Composed of:
1. Sidel SBO 18 series 2 PET stretch blow moulding machine, year 1999
– Current capacity: 23,400 bph @ 1.25L
– Blow mould type: Quick change shell moulds
– Neck personalization: PCO 1881
– Type of preforms: with recycled PET resin
– Service & maintenance: regular maintenance by in-house technicians and Sidel preventive servicing every year

Equipped with:
* Preform box tipper
* Preform hopper with cover & elevator
* Preform unscrambler and infeed rail
* Electrical cabinet
* PCC drive & control

2. Lanfranchi bottle buffer storage silo, unscrambler, air conveyor system & drive to the entry KHS monobloc.

3. KHS VK-E 40/50/10/S PET rinser/filler/capper monobloc, year 1999
– Filling: carbonated mineral water and also carb. min. water with natural flavours
– Current capacity: 23,400 bph

Monobloc consists of:
* KHS Innoclean rinser (40 nozzles)
* KHS Innofill Isobaric filler (50 valves)
* Micro-dosing unit: Perrier for natural flavours
* Zalkin 16 head capper with cap magazine & elevator

4. Gebo Sidel type AQ file accumulation table, year 2010

– single file accumulation for low and medium speeds
– immediate FIFO discharge of the bottles for continuous run of the line
– all access from floor level (1.100 mm) with excellent visibility
– mechanical efficiency > 99%
– as easy and reliable to operate as a conveyor with full accessibility
– maintenance fully optimised, low frictions and mechanical constraints

Line is in exceptional condition and can be seen in production until October 2024.

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