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Enerblu REC3 2000G Gas Turbine Cogeneration System and Evaporator

Year of Manufacture 2017
Condition Excellent
Availability Immediate
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Enerblu REC3 2000G Gas Turbine Cogeneration System and Evaporator, year 2017

Working hours: 14,000 hrs.

* Electricity
* Hot water
* Steam (at 4bar)

Features 100% load
Net electrical base load power: 2000 kW
Total Heating capacity (water 70-80 °C in / 80-90 °C out): 1983 kW
Fuel power: 4581 kw
Gas consumption: 478 Sm3/h
Electrical efficiency: 43,7 %
Thermal efficiency: 43,3 %
Global efficiency: 87,0 %

Consists of the following main components:

internal combustion with natural gas
Brand: MWM Deutz
Model: TCG 2020V20 250 NOx

Model: MJB 560 LA4 voltage 400V

– Inspectable plate heat exchanger for engine water thermal recovery:
Brand: WTK
Model: FP 50-61-1-NH
The plates of the above exchanger are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

– Steam generator for heat recovery from engine fumes
Model: WHB_150_1201_6_418_1S_3000_MWM2000_4bar

– Shell and tube heat exchanger, also called «economiser», with AISI 316L stainless steel tube
bundle, carbon steel casing, partitions and water circuit connections

– The exchanger is an integral part of the steam generator and secured on a specific metal

1x brazed plate heat exchanger
1x motor water pump (brand Grundfoss or Calpeda) capable of treating a flow rate of
approximately 78 m3 / h at a momentarily estimated head of 20 m.c.a .;
2x analogue pressure gauges
2x analog thermometers
2x PT100 IN / OUT motor resistance thermometers
1x flow control valve
3x butterfly valves
1x pressure transmitter

The excess heat produced by the engine water and the economizer will be disposed of by a drycooler
inserted in the user circuit series «UTH»
Brand: Thermokey
Model: GL2310.AZ D V Q P S

The Dry-cooler is equipped, within its electrical management panel, with a voltage regulator
EGM 3 ~ which, by acquiring the temperature from its output manifold, regulates the rotation
frequency of the fans (they start and regulate in autonomy, regardless of the auxiliary
switchboard of the cogenerator).

1x brazed plate heat exchanger
1x dry-cooler
1x electric pump (brand Grundfoss or Calpeda) capable of treating a flow rate of about 35 m3 / h
at a current estimated head of 16 m.c.a.
2x PT100 IN / OUT motor resistance thermometers
1x flow control valve
5x butterfly valves

The heat dissipation on the intercooler circuit is guaranteed by the dry-cooler listed above which, through its temperature probe, controls and maintains the temperature of the water entering the intercooler at a value preset.
Brand: Thermokey
Model: WL2390.CX D / 4 V Q P S

1x steam generator
1x economizer
1x oxidizing catalyst (for the reduction of carbon monoxide)
1x three-way valve for emergency dissipation
2x TCK thermocouples (one per motor bank)
1x differential pressure switch for catalyst clogging

1x 3-way thermostatic valve modulating and controlled by the motor inlet water temperature
1x INAIL group (ex ISPESL) compliant with collection R ed. 2009
2x resistance thermometers (input and output)
nx butterfly valves
1x paddle flow switch
1x emergency heatsink
1x plate heat exchanger
1x electric pump (Grundfoss or Calpeda brand) capable of treating a flow rate of about 75 m3 / h

Gas train consisting of double pressure gauge, double solenoid valve, 0 pressure, anti-vibration
Upstream of the gas train there is an additional manual shut-off fuel shut-off valve and a
normally closed solenoid valve controlled by the same signal that the fans start / stop.

Composed of two rectangular profile longitudinal members, designed to support the «engine/alternator»
coupling, they also act as a fresh oil storage tank for replenishment in the cup.
Circulation of the lubricating oil takes place according to the standard logic provided by
Enerblu cogeneration managed by the auxiliary panel on the engine.

From the electrical point of view, the voltage at the alternator terminals is 400V, therefore a
transformer brand SEA TTR-CRR series (low loss Wfe 2400, Wcc 75 ° 11600; Wcc 120 °
13300), Dyn11 from 2500kVA, Vcc 6 is expected % or similar product for MV connection at
20,000 V.

The system is still installed but can no longer be seen in operation due to the gas supply having stopped.
Immediately available.

Further information, manuals and specifications are available upon request.

Si desea obtener más información sobre Enerblu REC3 2000G Gas Turbine Cogeneration System and Evaporator complete sus datos a continuación y nos pondremos en contacto con usted muy pronto.

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