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PET Bottling line for CSD and Beer

Year of Manufacture 2005 - 2014
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
Sold Status Sold

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PET Bottling line for Carbonated Soft Drinks and Beer

Output capacity: 24,000 bph
Bottle sizes: 0.5L (two sets of molds), 1.0L and 1.5L
Status of the line: Stopped, can be inspected.
Suitable for filling: Beer / CSD / Cider / Water
Cap type: PCO 1810
Packages: Film only – 2×2, 2×3; Multipacks in film + tray – 3×6
Other remarks: Very good, regularly serviced. Stopped in November 2021. Includes set of spare parts.

Scope of the line:

* Atelier Francois CE6A40SG High pressure compressor, 2001
– With pressure tank, air dryer and chiller.

* SIG Corpoplast Blomax 14 PET stretch blow moulding machine, 2007
– Capacity: 24,400 bph
– Blow moulds included
– Preform handling included, chiller included

* Simonazzi Eurotronica FM-C PET triblock (rinser – filler – capper), 2007
– Output capacity: 24,000 bph
– Number of rinsing stations: 100
– Number of filling heads: 120 (electro-pneumatically filling)
– Number of capping heads: 18
– Cap type: PCO 1810

– Complete stainless-steel housing around the machine.
– HEPA filters.
– Includes cap feeding system with bunker.
– Includes nitrogen dosing pump before capping (if necessary)

* PAT / GEA Flash pasteurizer, 2018
– Capacity: 42,000 L/hour

To heat up a product by tubes and plates, suitable for cider, CSD, beer, etc.
Absolutely top condition.

* Sidel StarBlend Plus Mixer, 2007
– Output capacity: 45,000 L/hour
– 2 components

* Sidel CIP system, 2007
* Miho Fill level and cap inspection, 2007

* Sidel Alfa Rollquattro roll-fed labeller, 2007
– Label position: Wrap-around
– Includes bottle drying station before labelling

* Miho label inspection, 2007
* Domino date coder

* Sidel Cermex TS M3 SDI1 Shrink packer, 2007
– Printed film
– Pack configuration: 2×2 and 2×3
– Two lane machine

* Project Progrip Handle applicator, 2007
– Two lane machine

* Kisters 140-40 Tray packer (for multipacks), 1996
– Pack configuration: 3×6

* König Palletizer, 2007
– Includes cardboard interlayers

* Gold-Pack pallet wrapper, 2005
* Logopak pallet labeller, 2014

* Conveyor systems:
– Air conveyors: included, pneumatically adjustable
– Full bottles conveyors: included
– Packs conveyors: included
– Pallet conveyors: included

Line is immediately available.

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