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Complete PP Cup Beverage plant

Year of Manufacture 2020
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
Sold Status For Sale

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Complete beverage plant from water trreatment up to filling, with a capacity of 5,000L/hr.

The plant was installed in 2020 and has been used for only 3 months, equipment in excellent condition.
Container: 250ml PP cups
Filled product: Water and juices

The plant includes:
* Water treatment
* Dissolving and blending units
* PP cup production line
* 2x PP cup fill and seal lines
* PP drinking straw line

Water treatment Plant:

Manufacturer: Shanghai Beyond, China
Capacity: 10,000 L/hr.

Consists of:
– 5,000L raw water tank
– 15,000L/hr media filter
– 15,000 L/hr activated carbon filter
– 10,000 L/hr reverse osmosis
– 10,000L treated water tank
– Ozone generator with oxidation tower

– 5 ton/hr plate pasteurizer
– 5 ton/hr high pressure homogenizer
– Semi automatic CIP with 2x 1,500L tanks
– 5,000L hot water tank

Dissolving and Blending unit:
* 2 sets of 1,000L high speed emulsification tanks
* 2 sets of 5,000L blending tanks
* 5,000L insulated storage tank

PP Cup production line:

Manufacturer: Maotxing Enterprise, China
Capacity: 30,000 cups/hr.

Consisting of:
* Crusher
* Mixer
* Extrusion line
* Thermoforming machine

(2) PP Cup Filling lines

Manufacturer: Jiangsu Sunyi Machinery, China
Output capacity: 15,000 cups/hr
Product: Water and juices
Machines are fitted with servo drives.

Complete line for PP drinking straw production
Manufacturer: Nanjing Marrow Machinery, China

Above plant is currently installed and can be shown in production.
Immediately available.

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