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Complete Bottling Line (6.0L PET bottles) for Still Mineral Water

Year of Manufacture 2015
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
Sold Status For Sale

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Complete Bottling Line (6.0L PET bottles) for Still Mineral Water

Beverages filled: still mineral water
Line capacity: 3,000 bph
Bottle size processed: 6.0L (5.0 to 7.0L possible as option)
Cap type: for 48 mm Bericap neck finish
Labelling: self-adhesive labels
Status of the line: dismantled and packed
Production stopped: early 2023
Average condition: machines regularly maintained & in good condition
Special conditions: full set of new OEM spare parts for maintenance supplied with the line

Line is composed of:

* STM (Poland) Blue line 3 PET stretch blow moulding machine (2015)
– capacity: 3,000 bph
– Number of cavities: 3 cavities
– includes preform hopper and infeed system
– include 6.0L blow mould
– with B&R control panel, EPI Eco power energy saving system, air recovery system

* Shinni mould water chiller (29 kw) (2015)

* KAESER complete compressed air unit (2015) composed of:
– low-pressure compressor up to 10 bar – CSD125
– high-pressure compressor 10 to 30 bar – N753- GC
– low-pressure air tank 5000 litres
– high pressure air receiver 2000 litres
– air dryer up to 10 bar
– air dryer up to 30 bar
– air filters
– fittings

* Air conveyor system (exit PET blower conveying the PET bottles to the filling tribloc)

* Rinser / filler / capper Tribloc STM ARROW PET 16/16/6 NC/BIG
– rinser with 16 rinsing nozzles
– filler with 16 filling valves
– capper with 6 heads for 48 Bericap
– automatic caps feeder with buffer
– filling type – over-flow

includes the following equipment:
– buffer tank with pump
– B&R control panel
– caps feeder
– CE-compliant protections
– 6.0L bottle tooling
– 48 mm plastic cap tooling with helical thread
– control cabinet with air-conditioning
– guards with HEPA filters, air cleanliness level H13 (EU standards)

* CIP clean in place (2015)
* Bottle conveying system from triblock to labeller
– Type of ribbon – plastic
– Maximum cylinder diameter – Ø175 mm
– Fluid regulation – variator
– control from tribloc box
– Configuration according to the layout

* UNO ADE roll-fed adhesive labeller (2016)
– max bottle diameter – 6.0L – Ø175 mm
– max bottle label dimensions 6.0 L- 50% contour height 130 mm

* Ersey Makina handle applicator (2015)
– with automatic handle feeding system and buffer

* Gravity roller conveyor system (2015)
– designed to direct bottles from the filling labelling handle setting area to the end of line.

* Ersey Makina full automatic palletiser (2015)
– single lane infeed,
– automatic layer-pad deposit system
– empty pallets storage unit
– pallets handling on belt conveyors

* Ersey Makina pallet wrapper (2015)
– stretch film pre-stretching
– incursion

Line is immediately available. Price includes the professional dismantling of the line.
Sea-worthy packing or loading costs not yet included, can be provided.

Si desea obtener más información sobre Complete Bottling Line (6.0L PET bottles) for Still Mineral Water complete sus datos a continuación y nos pondremos en contacto con usted muy pronto.


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