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Krones Starmatic 960/16 Cold-Glue Glass Bottle Labeller

Year of Manufacture 2010
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
Sold Status For Sale

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Krones Starmatic 960/16 Cold-Glue Glass Bottle Labeller, year 2010

Output capacity: 18,500 bph

* 2 stations
* 4 cameras
* Servomotors on each plates.

Bottle sizes and label formats used: (change parts included)
* 100 cl: 40X91 (station 1)
* 330 cl: 30X80 (station 1) – 20X121 (station 2)
* 500 cl: 36X80 (station 1) – 36X142 (station 2)
* 500 cl: 88X175 (station 1) – 34X81 (station 2)
* 750 cl: 40X86 (station 1) – 40X178 (station 2)
* 100 cl: 40X91 (station 1)
* 1.000 cl: 88X175 (station 1) – 34X81 (station 2)

The labeller has not been used since end of 2017 as the owner went for a higher output machine.
It is in very good condition and immediately available, only needs cleaning off dust due to dry storage.

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