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One Way Glass Bottling line (Still & Sparkling)

Year of Manufacture 1998 - 2016
Condition Very Good, refurbished between 2016-2018
Availability May 2020
Sold Status For Sale

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One Way Glass Bottling line (still & sparkling mineral water)

Output capacity: 10,000 bph
Bottle sizes: 0.33L, 0.50L, 0.75L
Screw cap: 28/15
Label: Self-adhesive label on reel

All items in the line have been refurbished between 2016 – 2018.

The line is composed of:

* Zechetti bottle depalletizer
– Full automatic machine, with parking of 5 inlet pallets
– Remove layer by robot, empty pallet stacker, all motors with inverter
– Max speed: 15,000 bph

* BC Rinser, year 1999
– Single treatment
– Max speed: 15,000 bph

* BC MASTER 40/10 Isobaric filler, year 1999
– Automatic filling with self-leveling circuit and degassing;
– Crown capper, 10 heads, disassembled but present;
– Dummy bottles and CIP circuit present;
– Washing taps present and working

* AROL Stand alone capper (6 heads + 1 spare head), year 2008
– Cap hopper with UV sterilization
– Max speed: 10,000 bph

* SAP ITALIA Saturator, year 2016
– with vacuum pump for water deaeration
– Sanitization program
– Max flow rate: 12,000 litres/h
– CO2: 8gm/liter

* SAP ITALIA CIP, year 2016
– Semi-automatic system for cold and hot sanitization with recirculation.
– Heating with electric heaters. Does not require steam.
– Automatic water inlet, flow control.
– Pump for drawing the sanitizing product with an automatic litre counter.
– Registration of sanitation data.
– Flow rate: 10,000 litres/h;

* P.E. LABELLERS, Modular labeller, year 2015
– Labeller for self-adhesive labels in reels.
– One labeling station, expandable to 2 or 3 stations.
– Max label size:180 mm.
– Movement of plates by cam.
– Max speed: 15,000 bph

* MARKEM Ink-jet printer, year 2016
* HEUFT Fill level/cap/label inspector unit, year 2016
– Level control after filler, with its ejector.
– Cap and label control, with its ejector, after the labeling machine.

* SMI WRAP 450 Wraparound Case or Tray Former, year 1998
– Output speed: 35 boxes/minute
– Main adjustments with crank position indicators.
– Carton warehouse containing from 500 up to 800 cartons.

* SBC Palletizer, year 2008
– Minimum speed: 3 layers/minute.
– Automatic palletizer, for boxes and bundles.
– All drives with inverter
– Equipped with sheet feeder.

* ALTEA Wrapper, year 2016
– Output speed: 30 pallets/h
– Automatic wrapper with rotating platform, with with top film applicator
– It can use film reels of 500 mm and 750 mm.

* Belt conveyors, year 2016
– With stainless steel chains and drip trays
– Motors with chain transmission controlled by inverter.

* Krones Electronic inspector for empty bottles (optional), year 2010
– Complete inspection of glass bottles
– Currently not installed on the line but available if required

The line is in very good condition and can be inspected in production. It will be disconnected by end May 2021.

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