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Sacmi CCM32MB Closure Compression Moulding system

Year of Manufacture 2015
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
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Sacmi CCM32MB Closure Compression Moulding system, year 2015

Working hours: 9,000 hrs (June 2023)
Output capacity: 600 caps/min.
Closure and liner drawing for the 2-piece closure: available upon request
Closure weight with liner: 2.70gm
Liner weight: 0.20gm

Consists of:
* Sacmi CCM32MB Continues Compression moulding machine
* Mould for PCO1881 closures
* Cooling drum
* (2) Air conditioning units for cooling drum
* (2) Cap elevators
* Automation control cabin
* (2)Accumulation storage bins
* (2) Centrifugal bowl units – feeders
* (2) Air conditioning units
* (2) Extraction belt conveyors
* Jet-Stream conveyor
* SFM12LB slitting and folding machine
– with: SFM12LB folding tools (12 heads) and SFM12LB slitting tools (12 heads)

* Jet-Steam to PMV224E liner machine
* PMV224E liner machine
– with PMV224E tooling

* (2) Volumetric compound mixers MDP2
* (2) Compound feeders S50
* (3) Compound feeders S55
* CV5052F Vision system for CCM
* CV5053D Vision system for PMV
* (2) Air cooling units

Line is still installed and can be seen in production prior appointment.
Immediately available.

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