Husky H-PET AE230 RSE 80/80 PET Preform Injection Moulding system

Husky H-PET AE230 RSE 80-80_2017-01

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Year of Manufacture: 2012, installed in 2013
Condition: Excellent, very low hours
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

Husky H-PET AE230 All Eletric PET Preform Injection Moulding system, year 2012

Installed in 2013, with less than 300 working hours! In excellent condition. Has only been installed and tested by Husky.
Can be shown in operation prior to appointment.

Consisting of:
* Husky H-PET AE230 RSE 80/80 Preform Injection Moulding machine
* Standard Drying System – DRY335kg
* Standard Mould Dehumidifier – DEHUM230
* Standard Chiller – COOL230
* TBE230 T-Belt Conveyor
* Dm10R Dosing Unit + Hopper Loader VL2
* Mezzanine/frame
* 48 cavity Husky preform mould for 12.5gm 29/25 preforms
– cycle time: 8.9 sec.

Options installed:

– CE Compliance
– Automatic Lubrication System for Complete Clamp and Injection

Injection unit:
– Nozzle remixer
– Pneumatic Rotary Shutt Off
– Manual Resin Shut-off w Swivel Dump / Resin Temp. Monitor

Polaris Controls:
– Control Output – Mixer/Blender – 220V
– High Temperature Environmental Package

Video available:

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