Husky G 600 PET P120/130 E140


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Year of Manufacture: 2000
Condition: Good
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

Husky G600 96-cavity PET Preform Injection Moulding system, year 2000 – consisting of :

* Husky G 600 PET P120/130 E140 Preform Injection Moulding machine
– Output Capacity : 19,000 preforms/hour
– Clamping force : 600 ton
– Installed in 2001
– Working hours : approx. 70,000 hrs

* Piovan DS 531 Resin Dryer and Material Hopper
* Piovan MDT3/C Masterbatch Mixer
* Piovan RPN 1500 Mould Dehumidifier
* Piovan F316/2 Vacuum Pump
* Piovan GP 1Art 1×37 Water circulation pump
* In / Out conveyors
* Control instrumentation and control box

* 96-Cavity Husky Preform mould for 44gm BPF-Light preforms
– Cycle time : 15 sec
– for 1.5L bottle
(preform drawing available upon request)

The above system is no longer in use but still installed and can be seen dry cycling. It is in good working condition, well maintained.

Video available:

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