Nissei ASB PF3-1BHLL


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Year of Manufacture: 1999
Condition: Good
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

Nissei ASB PF3-1 BHLL One Stage Injection Stretch Blow Moulding machine, year 1999 – set for the production of 10.0L PET bottles

Product details :
– Bottle weight: 150 gm
– Neck diameter: 45 mm
– 3 cavity injection
– 1 cavity blowing

Cycle time : 24 sec
Output capacity @ 10.0L : 450 bph

* Resin Dryer
* Material Hopper
* Additional Injection unit
* 2 Blow Moulds for Square and Round 10.0L bottles

Machine can be inspected in production.

Video available:

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