Sidel SBO20 Simonazzi Eurotronica FMC 140/20 Combi system

Sidel SBO20 Simonazzi Eurotronica FMC 140-20 Combi system_2007-2008-00

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Year of Manufacture: 2007-2008
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

Sidel Simonazzi Combi system, year 2007-2008

Product: Still water, Carbonated water, CSD
CO2 content: 6 gm/L
Neck specification: Alaska 267 Novembal
Type of closure: Screw cap
The combi was in production with still water format 2.0L.
Output capacity: 32,000 bph @ 2.0L (32gm preform used)

Consisting of:
* Sidel SBO 20 Universal reheat stretch blow moulding machine
– max. nominal output: 36,000 bph
– air recovery system
– ceramic oven lamp reflectors
– blow moulds not included

* Simonazzi Eurotronica FMC 140/20C Isobaric Filler
– max. Nominal outoput: 32,000 bph @ 2.0L square bottles
– electronic valves with flow meters
– 140 filling valves
– pitch of 113mm
– stainless steel machine frame
– dummy bottles for cleaning
– centralized automatic lubrication system
– change over kit for existing bottles

* Arol EURO PK 20 head spiral buffer capper
– pick & place system
– spiral caps accumulation buffer

The system has already been dismantled and can be inspected without running. A complete overhaul can be offered at additional cost, as well as personalization conversion.

Video available:


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