Procomac PET Aseptic Bottling line for CSD and Juices


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Year of Manufacture: 2002
Condition: Very Good, but dismantled
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

Procomac PET Aseptic Bottling line for CSD and Juices

In production until end of 2018 and was then professionally dismantled and stored in our warehouse in the UK.
Also includes full Procomac fibre optic communication control system, all manuals and layouts.

Output capacity of 18,000 bph for 330ml, 500ml and 1.5L carbonated drinks.

The line is comprised of:

* Procomac Unibloc 2/Fillstar/Gripstar Aseptic Steriliser,Rinser,Filler and Capper (2002)
* Procomac Unimix Multi C4-20 Syrup Stream Blender (2002)
– water inlet
– compound syrup inlet
– juice inlet
– final product and filter Fluxa Filtri G2P255E with associated Evaluation unit Anton Paar mPDS 1000

* Procomac Unisolv BMP 2+1 Mixing Product System (2002)
– 2x 8,000L tanks
– 1x 2,000L mixing tank
– 1x hopper with disolver system
– heating capabillity
– juice upload capability (pumps)
– pallet loader NOT INCLUDED

* APV Unider De-Gasser Station
* GEA/Procomac Uniclean 2R2-OP-BA-AVP-20 Automatic CIP System (2002 & 2008)
– capacity 20,000 L/hr
– max temp 85 C
– 2x 2,000L tanks capacity
– used for fillers and tanks room production area

* Procomac Convair Aseptic Suspended Air Conveyor (2000)
* Bernardinello Water Recovery Plant (2002)
– Including carbon filter and raw water storage tank, control panel.

* Water Pasteurizer Unit APV (to rinse bottles and caps)
– includes 4,000L buffer tank
– capacity 20,000 L/hr
– build in CIP capability
– control panel Allen-Bradley Panel view 900

* Procomac Product Pasteuriser Unit (2002)
– capacity 18,000 L/hour
– control panel Allen-Bradley Panel View 1000
– includes tubular heat exchanger
– build in CIP capability
– 1,500L buffer tank, skid mounted

* Procomac SS 11,000ltrs Product Holding Tank (2002)
– insulated, jacketted, stainless steel, 3.5 bar, bottom stirrer, side hatch

* Procomac Unifoam Foaming Unit (2002)
* Procomac Unidox 25000 Standard Recirculating Line (2002)
* Procomac Uniflux AVN P7610 Air Filter System (2002)
* Heuft Spectrum TX Bottle Squeezer/checker
* Krones Labeller & Induction heater for foil (2002)
– 2x stations, 12x heads, wrap around

* Procomac Line Conveyors (2002)
* Gampack GP45.90 Overwrapper with shrink tunnel (2003)
* Ocme Vega shrink packer (2002)

A layout is available.

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