Falcon Technika Compact 5 Gallon Bottler

Falcon Technika Compact 5 Gallon Bottling line_2013-01

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Year of Manufacture: 2013
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

Falcon Technika Compact 5 Gallon Bottler, year 2013

Manufacturer: Falcon Technika
Model: Falcon – BMT2-100 MA
Capacity: 100 bottles/hour

Compact bottle washing, filling and capping line to fill 3 gallon and 5 gallon PRB and PET bottles with mineral water.

– After placing the bottle inside upside down, the bottles are chemically washed inside and outhside.
– Rinsing with pure water,
– Filling of the bottles.
– Sanitizing with UV at filling and at capping station.
– Capping with automatically dosed and pressed cap.
– Conveyor to the end of the line.

The machine has a compact U shape, with a small floorplan.
Fully stainless steel body. PLC control panel with colour display.

Further features:

– automatic chemical dosing,
– heated chemical circulation,
– variable chemical temperature and time of washing cycle,
– variable filling volume of water and cap dosing and closing periods.
Able to connect vapor/steam extraction System.

Line can be seen in production and is immediately available.


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