5 Gallon Filling line

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Year of Manufacture: 2002 - 2007
Condition: Very Good
Availability: Immediate
Sold Status: For Sale

The below line was formerly owned by Coca Cola and has been professionally dismantled; all cables, conveyors and components are available and a layout is available upon request.

The bottles are depalletized by a Fanuc depalletizer after which they are washed externally and de-capped. A sniffer detects the presence of mold or unwanted bacterial developments. The bottles are then internally washed, then filled and re-capped.
The robot then palletizes the bottles on plastic or metal racks or on Euro pallets.
The robot was supplied by ACMI that provided software, general automation and handling of the conveyors.
All manuals are available.

The line is composed of:
* Fanuc 200iA/165 Robot palletizer/depalletizer (2005)
– Production capacity: 2,100 bph
– Product: water
– Built-in capper

* Bardi Decapper
* CapSnap AA600 Metric Bottle Washer (2002)
– Production capacity: 600 bph

* Rami Mechanical Leak tester (2007)

* CapSnap 2HD-L Filling system
– Production capacity: 600 bph
– Rotation: Clockwise L to R
– Type of product: water
– Built-in capper

* Thermo Scientific Sniffer
– Production capacity: 800 bph

The line is immediately available.


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