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Sidel SL 90 F85 64T Self-adhesive and Cold-glue High Speed glass bottle Labeller

Year of Manufacture 2012
Condition Very Good
Availability Immediate
Sold Status For Sale

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Sidel Flexible SL 90 F85 64T/SM + Cold Glue 8/8/130 S3/E3 Self-adhesive and Cold-glue High Speed glass bottle Labeller, year 2012

Ideal for high speeds, the SL 90 is a rotary labeler designed with labeling modules for maximum flexibility in applying labels to all kinds of packaging.

Working hours: approx. 30,000 hrs

Equipped with 3 (three) cold glue modules, to apply:
* one front body label
* one back body label
* one neck label
on round glass bottles.

Bottle min/max height: 150/350 mm
Bottle min/max diameter: 50/100 mm

Label min/max height: 20/120 mm
Label min/max length: 20/130 mm

Max machine over-speed: up to 72,000 bph on cold glue
Max over-speed with orientation: 72,000 bph (subject to bottle)
Max over-speed with PSL application: 66,000 bph

* Complete automation
* Flexible layout
* Vision system with several cameras
* Accessibility

Machine has recently been taken out of production. In excellent condition and immediately available.
Full manuals and documentation available.

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